We found out that a 1.year old female husky was tied up to a tree stump in a small city in Wisconsin.  We were able to get the owner to surrender the dog to us.  We kept her for the next few days, giving her several opportunities to just run and feel free.  She then went to a volunteers home for a few days before being transported to a rescue up in northern Minnesota.  Through our connections and reaching out to different rescue groups, we actually found an adopter.  Since she was technically now associated with the rescue group the potential adopter had to go through the adoption process of filling out the application, etc. She had a meet and greet and fell in love with her.  She was then vetted, spayed and given a few days to re cooperate.  Inspire and Flourish paid for her spaying and we made sure she had a few toys and visited with her, the staff and her future owner.

We have continued to receive updates on her and she has acclimated extremely well and is very, very happy.  Flourishing better than expected.  Her new name is Nala.  Enjoy your life Nala, we love you!

Lola's Story

Luna's Story

On a street in Puerto Vallarta Mexico a homeless man unselfishly gave up his sweet pup so we could find her a better home.  We brought her back to our condo and kept her content for the evening.  We bought her food, a collar, a leash, a bed and some toys.  The next day we brought her in for a flea bath and some shots.  She stayed with us for the next 3 days while we searched for a temporary foster home.

In the meantime it was time for us to head back to the USA.  In previous years we could have just vetted her and brought her back with us to the US under our seat.  But now there was a 10 day waiting period to travel back with a dog.   One of our local rescue partners put up a message on social media.  Instead of fostering her they wanted to adopt her. We had her boarded at a local vet  until we could figure out what are next steps would be.  Our rescue partner did a meet and greet with the family and they fell in love with her.  We paid for the vetting, boarding, spay, her food and accessories.  Lola is living her best life ever with a furry sister.

Happy Tails