Ground breaking - August 11, 2016!

Paws & Claws Animal Shelter

This facility and organization will be called “Paws and Claws Animal Shelter. It will be located up in the northern part of Minnesota where an animal shelter is in great need.

This will be a wonderful facility, to include public space for dog walking, a grooming center, animal boarding, as well as being a refuge for animals in need of care and a good home. Some of the features of this open and modern facility will include a dog Frisbee area and an indoor cat colony.

​Without the commitment of individuals like the ones who are trying to help with the fundraising and building of this facility, we would not see this project coming together.

​We have a group of volunteers setting up and working with a local retail store in Walker, MN. They will sell dog and cat related items ~ collars and necklaces ~ that have been made and embellished by a local artist. They will do all functions of owning a business. From setting up the space, to all negotiations of the items for sale. This is a consignment store and money is only made when an item sells. So it will be important for the volunteers to make sure the space in enticing to the buyers. They will check on the space on a regular basis and restock when necessary. Keeping track of all items that are sold. A sign placed by the items will state that all proceeds from the sale of these items will go to support the “Paws for Claws” non profit shelter.

The volunteers will also be making dog and cat fleece blankets for adoptions in the future. They will have to find ways to raise the money for the materials or get companies to donate the fabric.

​They will also be on hand to help with the grand opening of the shelter and come up with marketing ideas for encouraging the adoption of an animal. A special gift for your pet can be selected when a family gives a “forever home” to their newly adopted animal.