We work with rescues and shelters to provide medical care, necessities, and spay/neuter services to animals in need

We encourage youth to engage within their communities through inspired events and services

Feeding the vulnerable


We inspire those around us to make a difference through volunteer opportunities

We donate or deliver to food banks to help relieve the suffering of hungry animals, 

Events for youth

One small act at a time

We work with animal transporters to provide rides for animals traveling between rescues and to no-kill shelters 

Animal care

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Join us as our partner Fashions for Furry Friends showcases some of their chic and fabulous pet clothing and accessories. 100% of the profits from all sales benefit the mission of Inspire & Flourish.

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Animal transportation

We support fellow nonprofit organizations through our events, services and

awareness efforts

How We're Changing the World

We want to inspire you to help others flourish 

Welcome to Inspire & Flourish, a nonprofit organization with a hands-on approach to improving the lives of animals and children in need

We aim to make a positive impact, no matter how small, on vulnerable individuals who need support. We believe everyone is capable of making a difference in the lives of those in need, including you. We want to inspire you to positively influence your communities and help vulnerable individuals who need it. See how you can make an impact.

Through our inspired events and service work, we are able to raise funds and awareness for our partner organizations including animal rescues and shelters, food banks for people and animals, animal transporters, and others .

Located in Maple Grove, Minnesota, we not only raise money for charitable causes, we’re present in our communities  working to directly make a difference in the lives of our neighbors. 

 If you’re inspired by our mission, please contact us to learn more about our partner organizations or for volunteer opportunities in Minneapolis, MN. Or, learn about our past events and service work.

Supporting animals